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NEW! Contributions data now included! ...         FREE: View voter statistics as of September 2012 ...         Voter lookup feature now online. ...         09/30/12 Voter List Processed And Shipping ...         Download Our Program and Data Demo ...               . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      
Voter Selection Utility Information & Demo
dMain Screen Our voter list products include our new and improved "Voter Selection Utility" version 2.0! With this utility you can easily and efficiently work with your voter data and you'll have little need for a "computer guru" to assist you with targeting voters, printing precinct walk or call lists, or even generating mailhouse lists or printing your own labels - we even provide sample templates (Microsoft Word and basic skills are required). Consider downloading our demo and give it a try - we think you'll be pleased.

If you've received the CD containing the program you will be presented with a screen containing the option to "Install VSU". Clicking on this button to begin the install. If the automatic menu screen does not appear then you can navigate to the VSU directory on your CD Drive and run SETUP.

If you do not have the program, or want the latest installation version of the software, you may download the self-extracting installer. This installer loads the same software sent on CD - with limited 'demo' data.

Paulding County Is Expected!
The demo software, by default, will load a demo database containing Paulding County data, Allgood precinct. The standard software sent on CD should auto-load your data. However, if it did not please see the instructions for "Loading Data" - this information is included on the instructions included with the CD you received. They are also repeated below.

Users looking for the Latest Version of the program should use Help->Update from within VSU if possible - but you may also Click Here to download the latest installation version (Last Updated: 12/23/2009 12:13PM CST).

Loading Data
After installing the VSU Demo and running it, you will likely be presented with an empty database or one for Paulding County for demo purposes. If we sent you a CD with your data it should immediately inform you it found your database and ask you if you want to load it.

However, if you ordered a second database or loaded the demo prior to purchasing a list, then you may, from within the VSU opening screen, click on Tools->Load Databases. Navigate to the CD-ROM drive and select the voter database from the CD. It will likely be the only selection in the window. If there is more than one selection then the name should explain which database you are loading. After the data loads, you will be asked to create lookups and indexes, answer yes. Once the lookups and indexes are built your installation is complete.


Program "Hangs" while loading voters
When the program opens it will attempt to load the last voter data list accessed. The status bar on the bottom of the screen will say "Loading Voters". This may take a while, depending upon the number of voters, the speed of your computer, and several other factors. Be Patient.


Basic User Information


Performing Searches

   The various Demographic Query Screen pull-down windows, radio boxes, and text fields may be used to define search criteria.  Select the political district, precinct, voter rating (Party Lean, Party Strength, and Persistence), and other parameters prior to clicking on “Search”.  Search will query the database for all records meeting the specified criteria.  Be aware, the voters must meet ALL selected criteria.  The exception to the “all” rule is in evaluating voter history.   When any of the search parameters are changed the “Search” key will become enabled. 


Voter History Screen

   Clicking the “Search” key will execute the query.  When performing history based queries you must select the party (if applicable), the election year, and the election type and click “Add”.  You may submit multiple elections to the query and require “All” or “Any” of the elections exist. All search results are utilized by the reporting features available in the program. The extensive search features allow you to peform targeted calling, precinct walking, or direct-mail. Imagine being able to target seniors, or college students, or young women versus older men and tailoring your message to the audience without the need for a consultant or custom-mail house! 


Clearing Searches

    The “Clear” or “CLR” button resets the system to all voters.  The button may not be accessible if there has been no prior search done – in which case all voters are currently visible.


Name Searches

    The Name Search field is an exception to the rule.  Name Search is not included in the normal search defined above.  Name Search will locate the specified name or nearest match in the currently selected list of voters and position the voter window to that location.


View Voter

    Double-clicking Main Screen on a voter’s record will cause the voter information screen to appear.  This screen contains contact, mailing, and voter history information.


Voter Selection Utility Information


Reporting Information

Report Selection

    After selecting the voters you wish to report you may click on Report. You will be given the options including Mail Merge, Lists, and Analysis.


    Mail Merge allows you to use a previously created mailmerge document and merge it with the selected voters.  Mailmerge fields are FirstName, LastName, MailAddr, MailCity, MailState, MailZIP, and MailZIP4.  Sample documents are in the “Documents” directory within the VSU directory. A sample letter document and envelope document are provided.


    Under Lists you will find Walk List or Call List.  Clicking on Walk List will provide several report options as will Call List.  The explanations define the difference between the reports.


    Under Analysis you will see voter rating quantified in various ways.


    The primary purpose of the Tools option is to allow the loading of voter data from the CD.  Load Database is the primary tool to use.  Other options are provided in the event something went wrong with the database load or a program update requires new indexes.



File provides a means of exiting the program but also allows for the closing the current voter file, opening another voter file, and exporting selected data to a DBASE file for use with mailmerge or query programs not compatible with VSU.


Help has several options.  The About option provides program version information.  Help & Tips will start your web browser and take you to a help page at the PDS web site.  Update will allow you to download revisions to this program.  It is recommended that you check for updates periodically.



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