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Campaign Consulting


Campaign Consulting should be about more than robo-calls and direct-mail pieces.  The campaign should be driven by a broad plan based upon analysis of the district.

Voter Demographics, key issues, and the candidates themselves should be carefully evaluated to ensure the best possible campaign plan is in place, ideally prior to qualifying.

Once the base, swing, and opposition voters are properly identified the campaign can devise a canvassing and phone-bank strategy to reach the broadest range of voters likely to be convinced to vote for our candidate. Political Data Systems officers conventional printed walk and phone lists as well as our electronic alternative, Mobile Campaign Tools, providing a more integrated solution to the challenges of canvassing and phone-banking.

Political Data Systems can assist in the production or print, radio, and television media. Like the canvassing and phone-banking, direct-mail can be carefully targeted to present the best message to each audience. Radio & television media don't offer the pin-point targeting of the other channels, requiring the message be carefully crafted.

Fundraising, like many of the voter outreach functions, is about targeting. Targeting the message to the potential contributor is critical to being effective in the fundraising arena.  A well developed Campaign Plan will help provide direction in this arena. Political Data Systems can assist in acquiring a fundraising team and planning the fundraising strategy.

PDS can provide web design services from securing the domain name to developing your fundraising application; and are also capable of providing support services for an existing web development team if necessary.