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Voter Selection Utility (VSU) was our flagship product 10 years ago.  While our web-based Custom List Download service has eclipsed VSU as our premier voter list product, VSU has evolved into a preferred tool for larger campaigns with a broader range of direct mail and telemarketing services.

Our voter list products include our new and improved "Voter Selection Utility" version 3.1! With this utility you can easily and efficiently work with your voter data and you'll have little need for a "computer guru" to assist you with targeting voters, printing precinct walk or call lists, or even generating mail-house lists or printing your own labels - we even provide sample templates (Microsoft Word and basic skills are required).

If you do not have the program, or want the latest installation version of the software, you may download the self-extracting installer. This installer loads the same software sent on CD - with limited 'demo' data.

If you've received the CD containing the program you will be presented with a screen containing the option to "Install VSU". Clicking on this button to begin the install. If the automatic menu screen does not appear then you can navigate to the VSU directory on your CD Drive and run SETUP.

Users looking for the Latest Version of the program should use Help->Update from within VSU if possible - but you may also Click Here to download the latest installation version.

Loading Data
After installing the VSU Demo and running it, you will likely be presented with an empty database or one for Paulding County for demo purposes. If we sent you a CD with your data it should immediately inform you it found your database and ask you if you want to load it.

However, if you ordered a second database or loaded the demo prior to purchasing a list, then you may, from within the VSU opening screen, click on Tools->Load Databases. Navigate to the CD-ROM drive and select the voter database from the CD. It will likely be the only selection in the window. If there is more than one selection then the name should explain which database you are loading. After the data loads, you will be asked to create look-ups and indexes, answer yes. Once the look-ups and indexes are built your installation is complete.