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    Political Data Systems offers current voter lists and
more! We were the first (and perhaps still the only) company to offer a turn-key voter targeting solution including software designed specifically for campaigns. Our lists include full residential and mailing addresses as well as phone number matches and utility software making it easy to use our lists - with prices starting at under 2 cents per name! More information is only a click away.

Having trouble ordering or need a list for a district not listed here? You can Contact us.
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    Our package also includes our "Voter Selection Utility" (VSU), a simple query/lookup utility which allows you to try "what-if" scenarios while developing your direct-mail and telemarketing budget. Once you've found the set of voters to contact you can run walk-lists and call-lists or export them for mail house or campaign use. In addition, you may view specific voter records and voter history.

We'll FEDEX, UPS, or Priority Mail the CD to you, usually within 24 hours, at no additional charge.

This is all included with the standard list purchase.

  • Online payment usually results in FEDEX or Priority Mail shipments within 24 hours. To pay by check just print and mail this page with payment to: PDS, 2911 Buchanan Hwy., Dallas, GA. 30157.
  • Those wishing to purchase lists for commission, school board, or other districts not listed here can Contact us for a quote.
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