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About Us
Political Data Systems is a political information and services company committed to enhancing the voter outreach capabilities of campaigns through the use of data systems designed to target politically active constituents and making first contact with new voters.

Brian Keahl, President
Brian Keahl has been working with computer technology since 1980, received a degree in electronics, and began working for Northern Telecom in 1982.

By 1984 Brian was a systems engineer in charge of the manufacturing plant's automatic data acquisition systems. After four years with Northern Telecom Mr. Keahl formed Advanced Computer Systems, a custom software development company.

Brian became involved in politics in 1993 and applied his technology skills to analyze voter history and target potential new political activists. The skills developed there were utilized for organization building as well as for campaigns from School Board to Congress.

Valerie Witcher, Customer Service
Valerie has fifteen years experience in customer service in the IT industry and a decade of experience in political party activity, having served as a district officer for two terms.

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